Corporate hero the Packaging Corporation of America provides free boxes for the shipping of all completed, framed 16"x20" Project Compassion oil portraits to the loved ones of our fallen military heroes. Boxes are sent to all of our artists as needed for these heavy works of art.

All of the 16"x20" canvases used by Project Compassion for all of our hero paintings are gifted to us by Georgia-based Fredrix Artist Canvas, manufacturers of the finest artist canvas in the world. Project Compassion portraits on Fredrix canvas are delivered to 40+ families per month.

With more than 1.2 million members, Disabled American Veterans is an organization of disabled veterans who are focused on building better lives for disabled veterans and their families. A generous grant from the DAV’s Charitable Service Trust helps our shared mission of bringing hope to forgotten and suffering families through the healing power of art. In so doing, the DAV joins us in extending its support beyond America’s disabled veterans to the families of American military who have died in active service since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Project Compassion’s first benefactor learned of Project Compassion through a small local news article in 2003. Since then, this visionary global humanitarian foundation has funded the material cost of artist supplies, Web development, core public information collateral and the cost of providing it to the armed services and next of kin, and temporary supplemental funding for administrative support.

Project Compassion's Web team from day one, AltaPacific (Fresno, CA), is a leading technology solutions and management services provider serving a broad range of clients worldwide. Our online success, with millions of visitors since site launch in 2005, is largely due to the outstanding skills and service of AltaPacific's dedicated, responsive and visionary team.

At Brotherhood Of The Badge International we collect surplus police equipment (such as ballistic vests and helmets) from police departments around the country and deliver it to US military authorities in Iraq and Afghanistan. They then provide this vital personal protection equipment to the civilian police personnel. Brotherhood of the Badge International has a singular goal of assisting our brother peace officers worldwide with equipment and the necessary tools required to stand fast, and be that wire that separates the wolves from the sheep.

We are grateful for the kind contributions from our fellow Americans.

For every $25.00 donation made, you can sponsor – in part – a painting of a soldier.
Your name will be attached to a card as a sponsor of that painting and will accompany the portrait when it is sent home to the soldiers family.

The United States Department of Defense approved Project Compassion as an official nonprofit humanitarian partner in May, 2005 after a rigorous application and legal review process. All of the armed services work with us to ensure that the next of kin of active service casualties quickly receive information on how to requesst a Project Compassion portrait. Project Compassion has briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff, top Army generals, Air Force casualty seminars, and other military personnel to offer unique positive support in our shared service to families of the fallen.

America Supports You, a nationwide program launched by the Department of Defense, recognizes citizens' support for our military men and women and communicates that support to members of our Armed Forces at home and abroad. All across America, thousands of individual citizens, companies, and groups are undertaking projects to support America's Armed Forces. America Supports You spotlights what Americans are doing all across the land, encourages others to join the team, and allows all to tell their stories by giving voice and visibility to their efforts. The America Supports You Dog Tag logo is ASY's official emblem.

Project Compassion has been profoundly honored with recognition, public spirit awards, honoraria— and most of all, the opportunity to share our story with tens of millions of people in America and around the world. Because they have openly and sensitively honored our fallen heroes and their families by shining a light on Project Compassion—and continue to inspire a tremendous outpouring of support for our efforts—we proudly call these organizations our friends.

KARE-11 (NBC, Minneapolis)
The Today Show (NBC)
CBS News
The Morning Show (CBS)
Fox News
People Magazine

TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors)
Military Times
Soldiers Magazine

Veterans of Foreign Wars
American Legion
American Legion Auxiliary
Disabled American Veterans

©2003-2010 Project Compassion Soldier Fund, Inc. No part of this website or its contents may be reproduced without prior written permission. Major funding for Project Compassion has been provided by The James R. Greenbaum, Jr. Family Foundation and Disabled Veterans of America. Project Compassion is a privately-funded, politically unaffiliated 501(c)(3) nonprofit humanitarian organization founded in 2003, serving the loved ones of American military and law enforcement casualties in active service throughout the world since September 11, 2001. An official partner of the United States Department of Defense, Project Compassion's sole mission is healing families of our fallen through art.